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Why Fridays?
So you can ruminate over the weekend & get a fresh start on Monday!

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We're kicking off the New Year with:

The Power


Book Review: Prepare Him Room, by Susie Larson

I love the "waiting" seasons.
In particular today, I'm thinking of Advent and Lent.  These seasons are the perfect time to step away from busyness, make intentional choices, and remind ourselves that we're spiritual beings living an earthly world. 

Book Review: Come Back To Me, by Jody Hedlund

Historical Fiction meets Time Travel?  Yes, please!

Welcome to my latest book review:

Come Back to Me, by Jody Hedlund

By the way, how's your reading going in this season? Some people haven't been able to read a thing since


Book Review: On The Cliffs of Foxglove Manor, by Jaime Jo Wright

Friends, I have discovered a new genre of novel:

Historical-Creepy-Ghost-Story-Sleep-With-Your-Nightlight-On-Christian Fiction!

On The Cliffs of Foxglove Manor, by Jaime Jo Wright, is spooky, Romantic, and enthralling Gothic tale! 

We open in 1885 (I feel like half the books I've


Book Review: Yours Is The Night, by Amanda Dykes

 I literally turned the final page,  looked at my husband, and said,  "I want to turn back to page one  and start this book all over again..."

So, yes, you're about to read a ga-ga lovesick review for Yours Is

Book Review: Redeeming Power, by Diane Langberg

Confession time:  It took me a long time to read this book, but it was more than worth it.  "Redeeming Power:  Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church"  by Dr. Diane Langberg

What a title! I love the combination of…