From the recording Keeping The Light On

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Available for worship. CCLI Song Number: 7162576


So this is life
The stumble and fumble
The glorious struggle
Yeah, there's joy and there's strife

You are the way
When push comes to shove
As we live in Your love
You reveal an amazing day

You're keeping the light on
So we'll always find You
You show us the way
If we're in front or behind You
I have to say God that I am inclined to
follow You with all I do
When all my strength is gone
You're keeping the light on
You're keeping the light on, yeah

So this is now
The hustle and bustle
The wonderful tussle
Gotta shake it all out

Then You're there
With salvation's grace
Yeah, You slow down the pace
All it costs us is a prayer

You're keeping the light on…

Let there be light, You spoke the light into being
Before we know, You always know, exactly what we need

You're keeping the light on…

Written by Gerald Flemming (c) 2022