From the recording The Star I Wish Upon

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Written by Allison Lynn & Gerald Flemming

A light so bright
It dims the moon,
A promise that
He's coming soon
A holy child
Who will conquer the tomb
All human hearts
Make room, make room...

There’s a star I wish upon
Drawing us to your light
Let the bells ring carillon
Shadows shrink in the bright
Let the earth be calm
As the babes first yawn
Echoes through the night
Under The star I wish upon

A night so clear Heaven fills the sky
This Peace on Earth Will glorify
The mother sighs
A lullaby to her child
All cradled 'neath the light on high

There’s a star I wish upon ...

Upon this day
In Bethlehem
God's living grace
He has sent
This newborn babe
Will become a man
And the world will not
be the same again!

There’s a star I wish upon ...