Book Review: Home Made Lovely, by Shannon Acheson

I love reviewing books, but as a Christian book reviewer (reviewer of Christian books?? Both apply....) I never thought I'd get this rare treat:

I'm reviewing a decorating book!

I loooove decorating! It's a passionate hobby of mine…


Book Review: Set The Stars Alight, by Amanda Dykes

You know when you get to the end of a book, and you know it's ending perfectly, and yet you still wish it could go on for another 100 pages?
That's how I felt at the end of  Set The

Book Review: Stay, by Anjuli Paschall

This summer, I made a terrible discovery:

I couldn't read nonfiction!!

My pandemic-lockdown-coronovirus stressed brain just couldn't handle it. I was devouring fiction like bonbons, but non-fiction just wouldn't stick. 

I know I'm not alone in this. Normal things becoming…


15 Years of Yes

15 years ago today, I said Yes.

Quite frankly, I never even wanted to be asked the question.  For years, I’d pushed back, given into resistance.
My Dad was the minister. I saw the tolls of church life, the stresses…

Not Seeking Normal

“I can’t wait for things to return to Normal.”
We’ve all said it.  In some moment of frustration, in the last few months,  as the world has turned upside-down, we’ve all said it.
“I just need things to be Normal.”

2020 Mid-Year Book List!

Wow, this has become an epic year for reading!
As you know, for the last few years, I've given myself a goal of reading 2 books a month.
Each year, I celebrate this goal by publishing my reading list.


Favourite Things - O CANADA EDITION!

Welcome to
Favourite Things - O CANADA EDITION!

For the last decade, we've spent about half of each year traveling from coast to coast, bringing our music to every province. (We definitely want to sing in the territories - we

Favourite Things - May Roundup!

Welcome to the latest edition of 
Favourite Things!

Wow! What happened to May???
April seemed to last forever, but now I'm shocked that June is just around the corner!
Fortunately, I still managed to discover a few awesome things over…

Book Review: Don't Overthink It, by Anne Bogel

What??  Two book reviews in a week?
And now you know how I'm spending my time in lockdown...

As I've recently shared with you, I've been reading a LOT this season! I'm really leaning into fiction, but I couldn't…

Book Review: Saints, by Addison Bevere

So, who else is devouring books these days?
I started the year (remember January, when we thought we could make plans?) with a goal of reading 2 books a month, but I've quickly doubled that to 4…

Favourite Things - April Roundup!

Welcome to the latest edition of 
Favourite Things!

Did anyone else feel like April had 92 days? This month was loooooong!
Fortunately, there were some awesome things to inspire us in this difficult season.

Here are my 
Favourite Things -