Book Review: Miriam's Song, by Jill Eileen Smith

I've always held a fascination with the women of the Bible. God chose these diverse women to be part of His story, and yet so often, we're given such tiny slivers of information about them.

A few years ago, I

Book Review: That Sounds Fun, by Annie F. Downs

Since the pandemic hit, I've had no head for reading non-fiction.  I'm devouring fiction and poetry like they're freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (mmmm, cookies!) but non-fiction has just become a slog. Still, I keep at it. 
When I saw…

Impossible Sunrise

Happy Easter! 
This weekend, we’ve reached the grand finale of our Infinitely More  Lenten Musical Calendar.
We’re thrilled to share our Easter video!  Featuring our very special guest preacher, Bishop Susan Bell of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara.

We’re also…


Book Review: Always Know..., by Melinda Estabrooks

 Full warning: we are about to enter Book Review Season!!!

I had already signed up to review three - yes, three! - books for Nuts About Books,  when I saw this tempting offer jump on my screen: 
Who wants to

One Year of "Empty" Church Worship

The sanctuary echoed around us.  Four people in a space designed to hold 800.  Wednesday nights are usually flush with the voices of worshippers,  but that night, we were a humble quartet in an empty church. 
One year ago tonight,…

What's Saving My Life Right Now...

What is saving my life right now?

What a loaded question!
We’re now entering Year Two of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Although the vaccine is bringing lots of hope, so much of 2021 is still unknown. For those of us in…


Goal Setting in the Unknown

Each year, I dedicate a full month to dreaming and crafting my goals for the year. 

Last January was no exception. I put my imagination in full swing,
and planned out a year of touring, music-making, healthy habits, and celebrations. 


2020 Book List - Part Deux!

 Reading seemed to take on one of two roles in people's lives this year. 


#1. They couldn't concentrate and, therefore, couldn't finish a single book.


#2. It was the source of all life and peace and, therefore, they…